[Twitter] Updates for 8 July 2008

  • Last nights wedding was good. Only got back at 1am then finally slept at 2am after a long day of abt 22 hrs #
  • Went to one borneo for a while. Quite boring coz d shops not fully open #
  • Ahh so stuffed. Had 2 reg pizzas at pizza hut, city mall. No, we din get to finish it. #
  • Sprained my ankle tis morning coz i missed a step. Painful :-( boo hoo #
  • @ehon hv a safe flight. Not dropping by kl? #

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  • Ah Rik

    aissss damn i didnt get a chance to see the tattoo and now i suppose you can cross the tattooo goal….

    eh great to see you in KK

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