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#twtclub at Zeta Bar

Woot! First night out clubbing for 2010 and it was with my tweeple :D

Organized by @spinzer & @meiyingt (above) #twtclub was the first tweetup for 2010. The venue was Zeta Bar, KL Hilton where we paid RM40 each to open a bottle of Black Label & Chivas + mixers.

It was my first time driving to KL Hilton and I didn’t know that the security was so strict. They moved detectors (not too sure for what) under my car and even asked me to open the boot to inspect it. Parking at KL Hilton is RM8.00 flat rate if you are a patron at any of their restaurants/club/function but you must get a coupon from the receptionist.

A few “special guests” were invited – namely the team (two people turned up) behind @Digi_telco & @StarbucksMY. They were there as individuals and not under their company. It was nice to be able to see the faces behind the twitter accounts.

The band was quite good in Zeta Bar. Can’t remember their name but the male lead was a African American guy frm US (i think), the female singers were from Thailand & Philippines, then the musicians were from South Africa and other countries. Very 1Malaysia 1World. They sang songs from PCD, Lady Gaga, etc.

There are 2 types of people who go clubbing : (1) people who hit the dance floor and (2) the people who watch people dancing & getting drunk while they sit at the side :P I am of the latter. The rest had a great time dancing to various R&B hitz.

Enjoy the pics – some are taken by Euveng :D

The twitters who turned up : spinzer, meiyingt, davybates, joycescapade, williamnka, joshlim, kwangchen – thanks sooo much for paying for my parking :D, euveng, serpentinegal & royalshortness – who went back early :(, charliechia, kruel74, GSJone, and and…errr will add more later when I’ve had sleep.

Do drop comments if you’ve uploaded pics or wrote a blog post. Also if I’ve missed out your name.

All in all, it was an awesome tweetup and cant wait for another one soon :D

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