Videos of KL Freeze @ Pavillion

[Newest update (17 Apr) : Join the Freeze for World Earth Day this Sunday @ Sunway Pyramid. More details here.]

A freeze is basically like a big group of people freezing at a predetermined place and time. The place is usually given at the last minute. Its a flash-mob kind of thing but is just a clean prank.

Why? Why not?

“Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.”

The meeting place was at Lot 10 (yea i know coz I was in the facebook group :P and was totally planning on going) then the freeze place was Pavillion and the time was 3.35pm. Some videos of the KL Freeze in Unision after the jump.

Omg! I wish I could have made it to the KL one. But i was so full of antibiotics last nite that I woke up really late today (sunday) plus no one else I knew personally was going :( So yea, anyway, good job guys!

Pretty interesting how something simple can grab so much attention rite?

Edit: Many thanks to Niki Cheong from The Star Online for featuring my humble blog in his article. I’ve also added more videos. Videos courtesy of all the people who uploaded it on youtube and also Smashpop . Enjoy!


  • doc

    It is great to have so many peoples together in unison. But it’s not so natural as those peoples trying to make their own pose before freezing

  • OB

    the reason is “Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.”

    show unity..

  • KeViN

    I’m sorry but I would have to say this KL version of freeze is so unprofessional. Some people were moving and like what doc said, some were posing before freezing making it so unnatural. When it’s over, they should have got back to what they were doing and move on instead of celebrating and screaming and whatsoever. The celebration could take place somewhere else at a pre-determined later time.

  • omie

    Good effort! Maybe if there wasn’t such a big number of ppl crowding in one place, it might have a better effect. And I totally agree with the shouting and ‘celebration’ after that, totally not needed.

  • More rendezzzzzzzzzzvous

    No one was kissing ?? lol if they’re, they would have suffocated… yea Malaysians do need this kind of craziness …More rendezvous pls…but maybe different kind of things to do…

  • Nahshon

    What the…! Compared to one that had happened in Grand Central park..this is obviously stage..redo and please instruct the participant to act properly..not celebrating when its done…..

  • Eddie

    I’ve seen this kinda Time Freeze done in the States and the UK. They were so professional. There were only three Video Camera man and the rest just froze. Lot of people were shocked and thought they were in some kind of “Twilight Zone” or something. I can understand as this is their first time. I’m sure they’ll be better the next time. Better still count me in! Email me the next time you guys are gonna freeze! /Eddie

  • Amanda

    A bunch of people who have so much of spare time walking around and window shopping and freeze when the time comes while some of us have to work hard to pay bills………..and be reponsible about our life…..

  • Zain HD

    Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. :)

    The Official ‘KL Freeze in Unison’ video from the organising committee, compiled from at least 12 video cameras and 3 undercover microphones, will be uploaded as soon as possible. I imagine, no later than 20th April 2008.

  • missjay

    not bad~ saw the ones in NY and london in youtube, but didnt think we’d have one in msia. so cool!

    one thing i don’t get tho: people taking pictures of frozen ppl. pictures ARE frozen, no? it’ll just look like… normal pictures.

    but kudos, to everyone involved~

  • Annie D

    Aww man, the cheering at the end spoiled the effect, and they were really way too crowded in the centre.

    The best video is definitely the fifth one, where they showed people who were better spaced apart, so the effect was better appreciated than a sight of tightly-packed sardines. (Whoa, I just had flashbacks to the Trafalgar Freeze.) Still, great first try!

  • Stargazer

    Sorry but it didn’t impress me. It should have been carried out at a larger, more open area. There were too many camera-people. The poses did not seem to be well pre-meditated for better variety. Participants should have registered with a coordinator long before the event and each be *assigned* with their distinct poses and at strategically planned spots and distances between them pre-determined. Since it’s a ‘freeze’ event, please freeze properly. And don’t shout and scream after it’s over. Because it’s not over until you disperse from the area. You’re supposed to go your own ways, as if you had no recollection of just having been frozen.

    Sorries I am a harsh critic! :) But congrats on having pulled it off at all, hope you take the criticism positively and hope they’ll help you do better next time :) Don’t angry angry aa ^_^

  • ruben

    What’s with clowns with the cameras ?? OMG, they were taking pictures like the paparazi. They spoilt the effect the exercise would have had.
    As for the chearing after that, I suppose enough said.

  • Eugene

    “Freeze” event? There’s a 1:1 ratio of “frozen” ppl and ppl walking around taking photographs. Totally ruined it in my opinion. If you wanna be there, be frozen. Period

  • expat

    well, like some of other comments, its so crowded, so unnatural and so non-professional… the cheering up immediately after defreezeing, just spoiled it!

  • IcedNyior

    @ Eugene
    Im sure it was some of the general public who were taking pictures and they can’t really stop them right?

    @ whoever that says its a waste of time,
    its not a waste of time to you now is it? Nor is it disturbing or harming people. So I don’t see the harm in organizing a random flash mob that is perfectly harmless.

    I was surprised to see young and old people from all races and religions freezing together. Anyway its looks really fun. Again, i totally regret not going :(

    @ whoever that said its lousy, etc etc. Well its their first time. And also, these were videos taken by random people there. Im sure the official video would look much better.

    @ Zain
    I wished I could hv been there but wasn’t feeling good so this is the best way I could support! Looking forward to that video! :)

  • hafreze

    some of the comments here so sarcastic, grow up laa old ladies and men, this is a kind of enjoying ourselves. ppl also need some time to refresh themselves maa, and it is on Sunday!!..who’s gonna works on that day?? Be optimist to this event.

    I think, those who gives some stupid comments just a bunch of ppl that put their lives on working everyday, and don’t make much money..haha

  • kerk

    good job. you guys and girls did great and look at the amount of people. you must have made the biggest freeze in the world.

  • Zain HD

    Dear all, Official video from 10 diff cameras from beginning to end. Even with ‘security’ segements. Embed it or something if you wanna.

    As the organiser, there were only a certain amount of what happened on that day that we could be in control of. Primarily, it was up to the participants.

    One of the reasons why I initiated what I did, is because there’s alot of talk. Not just amongst Malaysians, but people. Talk about doing this or that, and then it moves to talk about doing something better/greater/nicer. But little is actually being done.

    Also it’s about comparison. None of the ‘flash mobs’ done previously in the world had a cause to it. KL had one. Simply because I didn’t take NY, London or anywhere else as a benchmark. I don’t let them dictate me or tell me to decide what I should do or shouldn’t do. How it should be or how it shouldn’t be. Just do what you think is right or what you feel like doing.

    While we’re all human beings and we’re the same (note the mission of the project was ‘Where human beings get together …’ and not ‘Where Malaysians get together’), we are all also different. Different mentality, approach, tendency, paradigm, etc.

    I don’t impose perfection but I brace for practicality and being realistic.

    Keep a lookout for the next project. In May. :)

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