Went to Midvalley today

Heidi, Isla & Debbie were in KL today. So I met up with them in Subang Jaya KTM Station….which btw, took me 2 different trains to get there coz they wanted to go to Midvalley but they werent sure how to get there. So we went back down to Midvalley and ate at Nando’s…..which has great chicken (love their Garlic sauce…its sourish a bit). Den walked all over the place for almost 5 hours…met a good fren of Heidi’s & Isla’s – Joel who is studyin in some private secondary school here.

Debbie & Isla shopped for so many things – clothes mostly. So i guess they had fun. I juz did the usual thing as I always do when I follow ppl going shopping:

  1. walk around with them
  2. Comment on the clothes they try on
  3. Look for the appropriate size
  4. Occasionally hold their plastic bags
  5. Wait outside the shop for them to finish
  6. Feel like a boyfren who got pulled by his gf to go shopping even tho all he wants to do is sit at home and play PC games

Ahhaha….well…as u notice…im not really d shopping type but I’ll gladly tag along with my frens when they go and I dont really complain {i think!} so its pretty fun….hehe….

Oh..and i did buy myself something…come on..how can u go all d way to Midvalley and NOT buy anything?? Anyway, bought myself a new watch…blue with circles. I need a watch….frens are starting to complain. I like knowing d time….this is the usual senario :

First : “U want to kno the time? Its (time)

10 mins later : “Haiyah…its (time)

30 mins later : “U asking again? its (time)

35 mins later : “U juz asked me juz now….its (time)

40 mins later : “HAIYAH!! Go get urself a watch la!!!!!!!”

Ehehehhehe :P Oh well…at least they would be happy now. hehe…and I wouldnt have to keep on referring to my hp stuck deep in my jeans pocket for the time.

Oh…something pretty interesting happened today. I wuz wating at the LRT Station in Taman Bahagia (refer map) for my parents to pick me up {which took them like 30 mins!!!} when a gal approached me asking to borrow my handphone. I wuz a lil suspicious as she sat next to me and explained that her hp got pickpocketed. So being the Good Samaritan I am, i lent it to her and she called the Maxis helpline…she said it wuz Toll-free so she managed to settle it. Then we talked about how she lost her hp. Den my parents came and i related the story to them. Then came this response from mom (who else?? *rolls eyes*)

mom : wat if she wanted to juz steal ur phone? She might look nice and all but you’ll never know…

Well, somehow i juz trusted her I guess…life doesnt always have to be so complicated lah!! Ish ish!! Bleh!

And here is the Kuala Lumpur Transit Network…juz to show how far i went this morning. Im from Taman Bahagia (bottom left, pink route) all the way to KL Sentral (Rite in the middle) then back down to Subang Jaya (bottom middle, blue route).

To get to Midvalley, we went all the way from Subang jaya to the KL Sentral and den to Midvalley Megamall one stop away. ehhe…i like using d public transport here. So organized :)

Oh oh…before i forget, Im planning to go clubbing tomolo nite with Isla, Heidi they all…but not confirmed yet…so still hoping it works out *crosses fingers*

Dammit…i got early class tomolo and it’s 4 am now…i’m goinna be so damn tired tomolo!! and i didnt get to buy my stationary that I need….all coz my parents picked me up late from the station and by the time we got back, d stationary shop closed!! their fault *pout*

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