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What comes after graduation?

Im supposed to be graduating in June. As of now, I’m terrified of the prospect. Why? Well because I feel that my course – BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia (BSEM for short) – was not up to my expectations. My course focused more on the multimedia modules. On the IT side, they taught mostly theoretical stuff like Networking, Software Requirements and Software Project Management. I feel as if I want to go and take some short courses to brush up on important stuff like networking and database.

There’s this website I found that offers training and courses for certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Perhaps I should go and do PMP training to get a Project Management Professional Certificate?

Unlike what some people think, I’m not just sitting around doing nothing. As of now, I’m currently sourcing around for internship posts and or training places so that I can learn stuff in a real working environment. So wish me loads of luck!


  • starwalker

    i also heard that s.e was only basic of programming and theory. the advance stuff must learn by our own. u can try take linux academy + ccna which is offered by multimedia university

  • catzer

    erm,aku still tak dpt keje dlm bidang aku sendiri, kejuteraan kimia..but to be honest degree tu hanya satu drpd jambatan yg perlu kita lalui..kemana arah tuju kita selepas jambatan tu adalah pilihan kita sendiri..jgn terlalu terikat dgn apa yg kita belajar walaupun mmg minat gile..sbb aku agak merana kerana terlalu excited nak jd engineer but hakikatnya aku skang dok umah main ngan kucing jerk ..kui kui kui

  • Alia

    PMP Cert. ? Thought the minimum requirement was that you have to be a project manager for a certain period? That’s what my boss said la. PMP is VERY VERY VERY essential for me…sebab aku menggatal nak jadi consultant kan..haha

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