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What I saw last raya

Last raya, a friend of mine graciously invited Erin and I over to her kampung somewhere near Tampin. We experienced many new sights, sounds and flavours. Enjoy the pics :D (some from my fren’s digicam)

A road sign for Bongok Bongek that was dokek daerah ghombau (see, i oso can speak nogori :P)

Another road sign for “Kpg Durian Daun”

My first attempt at making ketupat – without guidance, juz trial and error..coz the ketupat-maker was busy in the kitchen

Kids playing – mostly my fren’s nephews & nieces

extended family picture…smile :D

Pitter patter of feet : small, medium and big (no need to wonder whose is the!)

Lemang, rendang, curry, yum yum!!

Kampung-style graffiti….Punk Rules!! wahahahaha!!

Idyllic kampung house scene (I think the guy is my fren’s cousin)

Helping in the kitchen

Oooo…itsy bitsy digicam


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