why me?

why me? why not some other gal? U have money, u’re sucessful, and u look cute (cute as in young boy cute not drop-dead-gorgeous cute).

(snippets of conversation between me & G2B – codename la)

G2B : I love u
Me : yeah i kno (nothing else to say what!!)
G2B : So do u love me?
Me : give me time to think :P

Me : Be honest, if u just want to play around, tell me so please.
G2B : Dont think like that. Im happy being with you

Me : why not some other gal?
G2B : because ur different.
Me : why do u like me then?
G2B : because i dont hate u
Me : (in my mind) SIUT!!!

Love is such a complicated thing….


  • IcedNyior

    Abg Om : im not really sure if I like this guy or not. Just goinna see how it goes…yeala..i nie tak tahu apa apa tgg bab-bab cinta nie….tak pernah berbf :P

    Emy: hehe…siut tu u yg ajar la :P I havent really been dating, juz a bit sick. Aritu pening sampai muntah :(( Hari nie flu pula :((

  • Anak Dagang

    Sometimes love is just there even without words or question to ask to your loved ones. Sometimes you just need some kinda of assurance to reconfirm how much you really feel toward each other. Sometimes it’s just there when you expect less. Many times it’s not there when you expect much. Good morning and greetings.

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