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Woot~ its the weekend

Lately I’ve been:

  • Spamming around in LYN forum. So much so that someone said that “I see ur name everywhere there”. Haha!
  • Finished watching and downloading True Blood. Season 1 just ended. Awesome series
  • Constantly visting Monster.com.my, JobStree and JobsDB. Any other job search sites to recommend?
  • Just watched Quarentine – movie review coming up soon (if I dont get too lazy)
  • Am also currently doing this:

    Yea, am finally building up my portfolio. The site’s not ready yet of course. I have yet to put my flash stuff on there. I’ve also been busy working on some freelancing work – which I completed last week and should be getting payment this week. Yey!
    Um, my fren from yesterday apologized. okay, Apology accepted. :)
    Yey the weekend is here. Aree came back from KK yesterday and we went our for late dinner supper (it was 12am) at Al-Rawsha. Omg i love their lamb kebabs. Today we’re going out to pay her electric bills in Kepong and then going to Curve for my much needed hair trim/cut. Tonight bebudak reban has dinner at 7pm but I’m not sure I can make it.
    Oh yea, tonight I will be in Coco Banana with my frens and their scandals (?). Haven’t been there yet. Hope it’ll be fun. Also I’m going to watch Madagascar 2 tomorrow.
    Yea the weekend is here! Enjoy people

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  • Chen Chow

    Good Luck in your job search!

    Do work hard on it! Hopefully you would be able to land your dream job!

    If anything that you need help, feel free to contact me.

    From a staff of JobStreet.com

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