Uni Life

Work hard and play hard

Im going to be sooooo busy la this few weeks (my blog now serves as my organizer as well. LOL!)

Got midterm tests on 16th,22nd and 27th. Got 2 major assignments (3000 words or more) due on 26th & 7th Oct. But i plan to finish all my revision and assignments on the 22nd (thursday) coz I have plans over the weekend…hehe! Sibuk gilerr!!!! I havent really started on any assignment yet.

A friend has a bday party at his place on 23rd (friday) nite then I hv plans with close friends on Sat afternoon (i think we’re hving a picnic or something). Then Sat nite is definatly going to be going out clubbing & drinking. Then Sun afternoon’s plans isnt confirmed yet so we’ll see how it goes. :P

But before play…comes lots and lots of work…mayb takde masa nak update regularly

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