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Projects & Mardi Gras

Its soo hard to describe how relieved I felt after finally passing up my Major Project Documentation on Friday Evening. Stayed up for 3 days with only a 30 min nap in between. Went to go and pick Linda at around 9.30am (coz i got lost getting to her place at Precint 9) then had breakfast at Putrajaya before goin to campus around 10 ish.

tension in the computer lab

Worked for hours on my work before finally completing it at 3pm. Its about half an inch thick. However, there were too many people in the art shop where we wanted to do our binding so we had to go out to Street ‘Mall’ to get it done then go back to Campus to pass it up. Met the lecturer at 4pm then had to explain my work…bla bla. Then we proceeded to hv dinner at the medan selera in Precint 9.

Spent about RM4 on binding + RM8 on parking (damn didnt realize I was in campus so long, i think I broke my own record!) + RM6.10 on toll goin to Cyber (via NKVE) + RM 3.20 on toll going back (via LDP) = RM21.30! Sigh I need to go get the season pass next semester lah.

finally reached home at 9pm then rested at home for a bit before going out around 12 to go meet up with Pam, Fariz & Afdzal. We ended up checking out this new club – Mardi Gras in One Utama. It was the first time we lepak with Af without his gf which was nice because he was his usual self, no control-control.

The guys and us

The crowd was mostly chinese, a handful of malays and one big group of indians who suddenly appeared out of no where. We bumped into Sam, Pam’s friend there. Songs were R&B and most of the top hits. The DJ needs to work on his transitioning tho, its like he plays one rancak song then trus the next song is a slow song. Potong weh!

Sam and Pam

The attraction in Mardi Gras is their Wet Dancing. Seriously! They have this platform (i forgot to take a shot of it) with water flowing down from the top and also water coming up from the bottom like a fountain. Then at intervals, two girls in white tshirts and shorts and black bra & panties would go up there and dance. The guys loved it (of course). LOL!

This (above) is my favourite picture of the lot. I got that flower in my hair coz when we were parking at the open air parking lot, Af picked a flower from the bush and put it in my hair. I didnt wear any accessories like earrings or bracelets so it was just nice. More pics [here].

We left pretty early, around 2pm-ish coz pam’s eyes were getting watery and Fariz’s nose was giving him problems – he just had a nose job surgery to correct his sinus. Then we lepaked at Makbul TTDI with Ariff and Arai till around 5am-ish.

Then I FINALLY got 13 straight hours of sleep to rest on Saturday.


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