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Working life so far

Working life so far has been rather interesting. It takes me around 1 hr to get there and 1.5-2 hours to get back (depending on what time i leave the office).

Lots of people say the best part about working is that you get your own income. Well yea, but with an income comes more responsibility – especially if u’re the eldest.

So the parents and I sat down the other day and kira-kira. I offered to pay the loan for my car in exchange for them paying for my student loan. Actually both is roughly the same total amount but I preferred to pay for the car

Here’s the breakdown of the rough estimate:

Toll = RM6.50 a day = RM180
Petrol = RM 240 (includes those times when i terpesong to other places)
Car loan = RM500
Total = RM920


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