Written memories

i actually wrote out a pretty good post…1 in fact but somehow i salah burn it into my CDRW so kenot open. So im stuck with a mediocre post :P.

Im in one utama – starbucks, drinking caffe mocha (hot) coz i hv a slight flu today. Nuttin much, check mail, sent emails, did the KLUE reader’s survey.

Just plain lepaking around.

Before that, at home, i unpacked 2 more boxes, and found old letters and cards, which brought back lots of nostalgic memories, especially a card from Grace before she left to Kuching….brought tears and laughter. I miss her so much :(

I have a tendency to keep most of the cards & letters i receive through snail mail because no email can beat the orginality and the charm of a handwritten letter or card

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