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yay yay CUTI

Just finished my LAST paper for the semester today – COmputing math, what a drag. It was ok, hope to get a B at least. Oh and I also cut my hair. Well actually I layered it and thinned it out. Cheap, only RM30 for wash and cut by a Loreal Technician :D actually the difference isnt very obvious.

I spent raya in El’s kampung for 3 days 2 nites. It was fun. Will blog more on that later (inclusive of pics)

Having holidays till Feb 2006 but will be travelling from 23-30 dec. Grace’s coming to visit on 19 nov. Mel’s coming to visit in Jan (we got plans to go clubbing). Jer & BC is coming to study in KL in Jan as well.

Going to el’s open hse tomolo. Then another fren’s open hse on sat. Farmy & max, bila nak buat open hse?

Going to watch “A Girl From Ipoh : A Chinese Make Love story” tonite with Nick. Tomolo have to make cheesecake for my sister’s bday party tomolo nite.

To yg dah kapel tu : congrats
To yg ada anak kiut miut sampai nak geget pipi dier tu : Cium pipi dier skit
Bebudak CS : Bila nak buat makan makan kat umah Bat nie?
To laila isabella & kak noor : kang bila result kluar kita colling colling ek? :P menyesal tak ambik mamat poyo punya least leh call tanya result dier.
To LKW ppl : Happy holidays
To pam : come back fastttt!!!!!

– bila lagi leh pegi kelabing?
– When will i ever find the time to meet *him*? Kacian he sick

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